AGATA (Acompañamiento para la Gobernanza Adaptiva de la Tierra en Apurímac) is a participatory research project in the Mariño watershed (Apurímac, Peru) I initiated with Bruno Locatelli in 2015. This project is being carried out in collaboration with various local institutions (SUNASS, CEDES and IDMA NGOs). It more specifically aims to: 

I have supervized the work of several interns and young consultants, who contributed to AGATA research activities : Jules Michard (M2 intern), Matthieu Verlynde (M1 intern), Joachim Peladan (M2 intern), Eva Souty (M1 intern), Lisa Lejemtel (M2 intern), Arnaud Areste (L2 intern), Meriam Arfaoui (M2 intern), Léa Crépin (M1 intern),  Merelyn Valdivia (Consultant and M2 intern), Harold Silva (Consultant), Diego Padilla (Consultant). 

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AGATA's recent research articles:

Generating high-resolution land use and land cover maps for the greater Mariño watershed in 2018

Vallet A., S. Dupuy, M. Verlynde, R. Gaetano. Under review in Earth System Science Data. 

Sensing, feeling, thinking: Relating to nature with the body, heart and mind

Pramova, E., B. Locatelli, M. Valdivia-Díaz, A. Vallet, Y. Quispe Conde, H. Djoudi, M.J. Colloff, F. Bousquet, J. Tassin, C. Munera Roldan. 2021.      People and Nature

Knowledge coproduction to improve assessments of nature’s contributions to people

Vallet A., B. Locatelli, M. Valdivia-Díaz, Y. Quispe Conde, G. Matencio Garcia, A. Ramos Criales, F. Valverde Huamanñahui, S. Ramos Criales, D. Makowski, S. Lavorel. 2023.   Conservation biology

AGATA is funded by the following partners: