JUICCE (JUstice In Climate Change Exposure) is research project I started in 2019 with Céline Guivarch (ENPC-Cired). It focuses on the analysis of climate inequities in continental Europe. In JUICCE, climate inequities refer to the unequal distribution of the impacts of climate change and the disproportionate vulnerability of certain communities or groups to these impacts. These inequities arise from existing social, economic, and political disparities that shape the ability of different populations to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.  

As part of this project, we are developing spatially explicit projections of socio-economic variables, consistent with the scenarios developed within the IPCC framework (e.g. Shared Socio-economic Pathways - SSP). Work in progress includes:

We work in close collaboration with Aglaé Jezequel (ENPC-LMD), Fabio d'Andrea (CNRS-LMD) and David Makowski (INRAE-MIA). The JUICCE team is currently composed of Mehdi Mikou (PhD student), Lou Mandonnet (PhD student), Colin Lenoble (M2 intern). 

The project has benefited from the contributions of the following ex team members in the past years: Camille Auxépaules (M1 intern), Olivier Pernet-Coudrier (M1 intern), Thérèse Blanchet (M2 intern), Juliette Piketty-Moine (M2 intern), Jeanne Mahenc (M2 intern), Ridley Campbell (M2 intern), Clément Devenet (M2 intern), Philémon Poux (M2 intern). 

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JUICCE is funded by the following partners: