I am an assistant professor in ecological economics at AgroParisTech in the SVS department. I am responsible for the following courses (graduate and postgraduate levels):

SAS Evaluation of ecosystem services: from public policies to the private sector. Mastère PAPDD (20h). AgroParisTech and ENPC.

SAS Nature in cities: green solutions for sustainability. Mastère PAPDD (20h). AgroParisTech and ENPC.

UC Modeling ecosystem services: introduction to InVEST software. Engineering program 2nd year (48h). AgroParisTech.

UC Climate change: challenges of the ecological transition Engineering program 2nd year (35h). AgroParisTech.

I also give lectures in the following trainings:

  • Master Environmental, Energy and Transport Economics (EEET), Université Paris-Saclay

  • Masters EPOG2, EPOG+ and APE, Université de Paris - Paris School of Economics

  • Master Climate, Land Use and Ecosystem Services (CLUES), Université Paris-Saclay

  • Master Gestions des sols et services écosystémiques (GSSE), Université Paris-Saclay

  • Master Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution (BEE), Université Paris Saclay - MNHN - Sorbonne Université

  • Doctoral school "Ecosystem services assessment in agricultural and peri-urban areas", AgroParisTech - L'Institut Agro